3 Top Reasons to Activate Your Frequency of Appreciation

3 Top Reasons to Activate Your Frequency of Appreciation

 I had cause to activate my frequency of appreciation recently. You see, I was admitted to the hospital and had major surgery. The first day post op was rough! My mind was muddled by the intense pain and I could neither eat nor sleep.


The nurses seemed worn out and stressed in that hospital setting filled with un-wellness. While some of them were kind and empathic, others seemed to have no appreciation or understanding, let alone empathy, towards my situation.


I had to dig into the treasure trove of my internal spiritual resources, to deal with this experience. One of the resources in my spiritual treasure trove is the Life Force frequency of APPRECIATION.  I love how powerful this frequency is. And it's not hard at all to tune into.


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When I activated this frequency at the hospital, the effects were almost immediate. It affected, not just me, but the doctors, nurses and all who were in charge of my care. 


They reacted as if a magical elixir had touched their hearts. They were happier, more relaxed, patient, kind, empathic and supportive. This created a more soothing environment for them to work in and for me to begin my recovery.


Here are 3 Top Reasons to Activate your Frequency of Appreciation:


1. Appreciation helps you release bad stress:


Stress can wreak havoc on your nervous system which can in turn negatively affect your health and create all sorts of un-wellness for you. Stress can take you on the type of mind trip that makes you anxious all the time and can lead to depression.


Before things get out of hand, you can activate your frequency of appreciation to ground you in your own personal power.  One way to do this is by heaping loads of appreciation upon yourself. You are a wonderful being. Your presence on this planet, in this time, is a boon to humanity. Remember the little and big things that make you, you. There is no other you on this planet. Your value is exponential and your contributions, big and small are priceless. Be kind, patient and deeply appreciative of yourself.


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2. Appreciation inspires those around you.


Living life can cause people to forget who they really are - Great Spirit in physical expression. They can get caught up in the dog eat dog mindset and disempower themselves. They can lose sight of their true vision and purpose and find themselves blaming others all the time, feelings of envy, regret and unworthiness.


When you activate your potent frequency of appreciation and emanate it towards them, you remind them of the power within themselves, that they temporarily forgot about. When you let them know and feel your appreciation, you give them a priceless gift that can make them feel worthy again. And when those around you feel/know your appreciation of them, it brightens their day and redirects their attitude in positive ways. It's a win-win all around.


3. Appreciation connects you to the Universe


You are the universe. Yes. But why does it sometimes feel like you're a lonely powerless soul in a big wide world just plodding along, full of burdens you can't handle? Because you got enmeshed in the game of life and temporarily disconnected from your true, powerful, unburdened self - the Universe, your Spirit.


Even so, any time you choose, you can reconnect to that power source of the Universe through your frequency of appreciation. You will not only feel uplifted once you connect again to the universe, you will notice that things happen, to make your life better. You meet the right people, hear the correct answers and receive the exact guidance you need to lead a fulfilled and happy life.


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Activating your Life Force frequency of appreciation may seem like an inconsequential thing to do. Its benefits may appear far fetched and too "woo-woo" to you, at first glance, but rest assured, experimenting by putting it into practice will give you proof that it works wonders.

Your frequency of appreciation reaches beyond yourself to engulf all your experiences (wanted and unwanted), all those who interact with you and even the planet itself, with loving kindness. The magic of appreciation is within your grasp, for you to activate and benefit from it anytime, anywhere. 


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