5 Spiritual Boss Hacks for a Stress Free Holiday Season

5 Spiritual Boss Hacks for a Stress Free Holiday Season

The holiday season is supposed to be fun and filled with joy but, it can be nerve wracking, full of stress and tough to get through whether you're celebrating Thanksgiving, Kwanza, Christmas, Yule, Solstice, Hanukah, Zorathost, Bodhi Day or any other holiday season celebration. 

From all the shopping, gift giving, rites and rituals, family and spiritual traditions, to hanging out with friends and family, indulging in delicious foods, being forced to talk to that cousin you dislike, listening to criticisms and judgement from others, laughing and drinking more than you did all year, the holiday season has its own special stress that can make it hard for even the most dedicated spiritual people to get through unscathed.

But fear not, you too can have a stress free holiday season like a spiritual boss. Now, this doesn't mean that stressful events will not happen. It just means that you will be able to be get through them like the spiritual God or Goddess that you are without ruining your holiday spirit and fun. 

But how, you ask?


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5 Simple But Highly Effective Spiritual Boss Hacks for a Stress Free Holiday Season 


1. Transmute energy through your breath in any moment.

As a spiritual person, maybe you pray, meditate or connect with the Divine in some way, everyday. This normally helps you minimize stress daily. 

But, the holiday season can disrupt your schedule, making it harder for you to settle into one of your spiritual routines. As a result, you could find your patience being tested a lot more often, resulting in feelings of irritability, anger, resentment, etc, that cause you stress and negatively impact your holiday season.

So, remember that your breath is your friend. It is the powerful life force that you can access at will and on purpose to soothe your body and mind and to transmute the energy of your feelings, so that you can center into your inner power. 

When you find yourself getting stressed out, simply close your eyes (or not) for one moment and absorb the energy of whatever you’re feeling at that moment. Absorb the energy by pushing out your tummy as you breathe in and pulling in your tummy as you breathe out. Just a few sets of this and you will find your body transmuting the energy, calming your nerves and connecting you to your power. Of course this will help you have a stress free holiday season like a spiritual boss. 


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2. Remember who’s boss.

Sometimes, in the midst of family affairs, you may regress to unconsciously fulfilling the role that was imprinted upon you by your family. For example, as the youngest child, your parents and older siblings treat you in a certain way that when you’re with them, the behavioral patterns you carry around that, manifest themselves. 

If you’ve ever heard someone say, “they were like a completely different person,” it’s because someone was manifesting behavior not normally associated with themselves. Sometimes, this is a good thing, but other times it’s not.

Is this a source of stress for you during the holiday season? Do you feel bad for being this way with your family and wish you could change it? 

An effective spiritual way to help yourself here is to magick your desired outcome in advance. You see, you are the creator of your reality…you are the boss. So, instead of simply dreading what’s coming when you meet with family, get ahead of it energetically.

As the boss, a few days before you meet with family, start choosing how you want to FEEL while you’re with family and how you choose to be treated by them. The key here is focusing on general feelings that you choose to have during your holiday with family, not on specific people and incidents.

This works like a magick charm.

A couple of days before you meet, grab a sheet of paper and write down the feelings you want to have. For example: “The entire time I’m with family this holiday season, I will feel: energized, deeply loved and supported, respected, happy, at peace within, powerful, in tune with my inner power, focused, etc

When you’re done writing simply imagine what a wonderful stress free holiday season you will have…just like the spiritual boss that you are. you'll be happily surprised at your family event when they treat just the way you chose.


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3. Be selfish.

We’ve been taught to be selfless and giving all our lives, so being selfish can make us feel guilty and non-spiritual. I mean, when you read a story in the Bible of a woman giving away her last “dime” to help the church, preferring to starve herself and kids while trusting God to provide, it can make you feel like the most selfish being on earth, when you choose to be selfish.

But, selfish you must be, if you want to have a stress free holiday season, like a spiritual boss.

You MUST make time for yourself to meditate, pray, ritual, self care, etc. The holidays bring a myriad of energies being focused by humans and non-humans alike, upon the planet. You MUST make time daily (or even just a few times a week) to tune into your own Divinity and connect lovingly with your human side as well.

If you're a highly empathic being, this is even more important. If you have imprinted your self-worth upon your ability to be selfless, it’s time to start a new selfish imprint.

Establish your time for self and let your family know, you’re not to be disturbed for the duration. They will be able to survive without you for 20 minutes (or 2 hours), I bet. During that time, whether you’re off to get a massage or doing a ritual ceremony, make it a time that's all about connecting with you.

Being selfish of your time during the holiday season will not only help you forge a deeper, more beautiful connection with yourself, it will also give you more strength, patience, kindness, love and all those good things that you can shower upon your loved ones during your stress free holiday season, like a spiritual boss.


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4. Forge deeper connections.

When you forge deeper connections with your loved ones during the holidays, rather than trying to avoid them, you enrich your life by filling it with memories that will last longer than your lifetime.

Get to know your growing kids deeper and listen to their thoughts while loving them infinitely. Get intimate with how your significant other is really doing in his life. Connect with your parents and siblings beyond just the quick, “how are you?” Reach out to your friends and celebrate your friendship with a. “thank you for being part of my life and mean it.” All without judgement.

All the people around you are also Divine beings in physical expression. When you focus on forging deeper connections with them, you get a first hand view of how God is expressing herself through these varied personalities and bodies. And, wow! What an expression it is!


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5. Know why you’re celebrating.

In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget WHY you’re celebrating. The meaning of Christmas or Solstice or Kwanza is lost as you try to get through the season unscathed.

What if you chose to focus on the meaning of the holiday that you’re celebrating, instead? What if you and your loved ones chose a theme or two for the holiday season and focused on expressing that instead? Maybe your theme is kindness or patience or love, etc. How would that affect the stress levels of your holiday season?

You see what I mean? 

Go ahead and do this. Sit down with your loved ones and rediscover the meanings behind the traditions and celebrations during the holiday season. Then, choose a couple of themes to focus on and live by during the entire holiday season.


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Guess what? You just hacked your way to a stress free holiday season, like a spiritual boss. Happy holidays!

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