5 Steps From Spiritual Pushover to Spiritual Powerhouse

5 Steps From Spiritual Pushover to Spiritual Powerhouse

Does being a spiritual person make you a spiritual pushover or a spiritual powerhouse? 

According to the dictionary, a pushover is a person who is easily fooled or influenced.

Well, I have been a spiritual person most of my life. From growing up with Christian parents while also learning Shamanism from my Grandma, to becoming Buddhist, then somewhat Hindu, to being Gnostic/Gnostic Priestess and then finally finding/creating a path that's just my own.

During my spiritual journey (that is still ongoing), I have sometimes felt a warring in myself between spiritual principles of kindness, meekness, turning the other cheek, karma, etc, and my desire to stand up for myself, speak my mind, yell and scream and not be a spiritual pushover. I wanted to go from being a spiritual pushover to being a spiritual powerhouse.

I used to choose to turn the other cheek. But, that was then. 


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When I started having kids, my views began to change. I realized I wanted to advocate for them and for myself more and more. This meant that sometimes I had to yell, speak my mind, say karma be damned and simply do what I felt was right. That felt like a spiritual powerhouse to me.

To me, a spiritual pushover is someone whose spiritual or religious beliefs influences them to NOT advocate for themselves or others the way they should.

I was very conflicted at first, when I decided to sometimes get upset and yell my opinions. I wondered if I should have been gentler or kinder or accepted the other person's point of view. I felt bad for not donating or for speaking insistently to that doctor or that sales person about what I really wanted. I worried that I was becoming an UNspiritual person and sometimes people who knew me asked "aren't you supposed to just turn the other cheek?"

Eventually I came up with my own process for balancing self advocacy with being a spiritual person. I started speaking up, advocating for myself, being frank and honest with myself and still feeling deeply spiritual. This felt and still feels like a really good place to be.

If you're someone who's letting others push you around, fool you, influence you or making you their doormat just because you're a spiritual person, then it's time for you to stop being a spiritual pushover and become a spiritual powerhouse.


I define a spiritual powerhouse as someone who is both confident in their spiritual beliefs and the principles of physical reality living, balancing them in a way that allows them to thrive in all life areas.


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5 Steps From Spiritual Pushover to Spiritual Powerhouse


1. Give yourself permission to play in physical reality since you're already here. You chose to be born in this time space and here you are. You could've remained non-physically focused but no, you choose to come play in physical reality. 

Now that you're here, give yourself permission to revel in it and bend its man-made rules, so that you can live from your own choices rather than those imposed on you by society and spiritual/religious beliefs.

This self permission granting is very important to you becoming a spiritual powerhouse rather than staying a spiritual pushover because it allows you the spirit of true DISCERNMENT. You just don’t agree with ideologies simply because you’re told to, forced to by others, born into it, etc, but because you deliberately reflected and decided upon your truth.


2. Let go of spiritual rules that make you a spiritual pushover, so that you can become a spiritual powerhouse. Some of these spiritual rules are not of spirit. They're man-made rules that have been added to religions and spiritual groups in order to create a certain kind of overly obedient group of followers, easily ruled.

Start identifying which spiritual rules/statements, you're adhering to are making you a pushover and taking your power away. When you identify them, release the preconceived punishment that you think you will get if you break those rules.

Take the concept of hell (burning in everlasting fire after death) that’s prevalent in certain spiritual/religious groups, for example. Ask yourself if a true loving father would really do that to his child and the answer is a big fat NO. This is clearly a stupid and false man-made concept. So, stop letting this fear of afterlife punishment keep you a spiritual pushover.

Same goes for the concept of karma. (But this one is a blog topic for another day)


3. Create and maintain strong self advocacy boundaries. I once wrote a negative review on a truly dismal product experience and felt bad for days, asking myself why I couldn’t have just left things alone. Ha! I look back on that and really laugh at myself. How could I be afraid of writing a negative review when I clearly knew it was warranted?

Ah! Spiritual pushover problems!

To me: A boundary is a decision you make to be an advocate for yourself, so that you can love, respect and be kinder to yourself.

Most spiritual people tend to be kinder, respectful and loving towards others, but are not so towards themselves. They think they’re accumulating karmic points that will  stave off bad karma and bring good karma to them.

The truth is that not advocating for yourself, loving, respecting and being kind towards yourself is what makes you a spiritual pushover instead of a spiritual powerhouse.

When you over give to others, when you can’t say no to them, when you work yourself to the bone instead of taking time for yourself, when you chastise yourself in your own mind and secretly hate yourself, etc, you do not accumulate any good points at all. Instead, you set yourself up for limitations and scarcity which only leads to more problems for you.

Instead, get to know who you are and what you want. Start setting boundaries for love, respect and kindness towards yourself. Become your own very best friend. This will help you say no to others, write negative reviews without judging yourself, take breaks and be healthy, etc.

Creating and maintaining self advocacy boundaries gives you the strength to advocate and serve yourself and others from your place of inner and outer abundance and this is good for everyone. It helps you go from spiritual pushover to spiritual powerhouse.


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4. Let who you truly are become the most powerful part of your energetic blueprint. Who are you?

You are Great Spirit in physical expression. You are inner Being, God, Goddess, Buddha, Oya, etc. You are the UNIVERSE itself playing an illusory game called “physical reality.” You are omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient…you are all that is and all that is, is YOU!

The world wants you to see yourself as black or white or Asian or European or rich or poor or middle class or superior or inferior or alien, or from Sirius or a victim or straight or gay…

And when you see yourself that way, you limit yourself, hold yourself back and give energetic permission to be treated by others in the way that you see yourself. This means that when you imprint upon your energetic blueprint that you’re a victim of your experiences, circumstances, birth, etc, you not only take your true power away, but you unconsciously call upon others to treat you like a victim and bring more situations that create victim experiences for you.

To go from spiritual pushover to spiritual powerhouse, it is imperative that you claim the TRUTH of who you are so much so that the world has no choice but to respond to that. The TRUTH that you are infinite, gorgeous, powerhouse SPIRIT, abundant, free and omnipotent, should be imprinted upon your energetic blueprint.

When you let who you truly are become a powerful part of your energetic blueprint, circumstances, events, experiences, people etc, will morph around you to reflect this to you. You will carry yourself differently, speak differently, emote differently, act differently and do it naturally because you’re moving from spiritual pushover to spiritual powerhouse.


5. Use your spiritual superpowers, especially that of your mind, to create a new reality for you. If you’re having a hard time letting go of being a spiritual pushover, I’ve got good news for you. As long as you have your mind, your imagination, you can put it to work to help you create a new reality…that of being a spiritual powerhouse.

When Goddess projected herself into this illusion of “physical reality” that she created, of course she gave herself a tool for shifting things in case she forgot who she really is. That tool is called IMAGINATION. And it works like magick, when used correctly.

So, how do you use your mind/imagination to change your circumstances?

  1. Be clear on what you want
  2. Imagine what it will be/feel like to live with it
  3. Take any aligned actions (if you can) that can make it happen. If you can’t think of an action to take, don’t sweat it.
  4. Give thanks for the becoming of what you desire
  5. Receive it.

In a future post, I’ll write more about reality creation, but for now, start experimenting with the above to go from a spiritual pushover to a spiritual powerhouse.


Being a spiritual person should not make you a pushover, but sometimes it does. If you do not want to be a spiritual pushover, then consider using the steps above to transform into a spiritual powerhouse, instead. Let us know how it goes.


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