8 Maternity Pregnancy Photo Shoot Essentials

8 Maternity Pregnancy Photo Shoot Essentials

I remember my exciting maternity pregnancy photo shoots like they were yesterday. From booking the photographer to buying my maternity gowns, dresses, lingerie and high heel shoes. Oh my!

I even wore my husband’s shirt and my purple high heels in one of the pics. FUN!

Although pregnancy can be a tiring time, it was always fun to watch my tummy expand and I waited until a couple of weeks before my due date to take my maternity pregnancy photo shoots.


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My tummy was HUGE with each baby and I waddled a lot! Ha Ha! But on my maternity photo shoot days I always seemed to have more energy and lots of help.

It wasn’t always easy finding the right clothing for my pregnancy photo shoots. I wanted to look and feel sexy, but most of the clothes just made me look HUGE-R. It took me weeks to find beautiful, sexy maternity photo shoot clothing and lingerie. Plus, I was lucky that I had a pair of purple high heel shoes that actually fit my swollen feet.

A pair of jeans that I loved could fit but wouldn’t zip or button, so I wore them like that for my preggo shoot.


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Here’re My 8 Essentials For Maternity Pregnancy Photo Shoots


  1. Find at least one sexy, body hugging dress/gown to show off your pregnancy curves. You want to capture this moment forever.
  2. Sexy, lacy boudoir style lingerie is a must. If you can’t find underwear, at least a light short (or long) robe will do. You can use the belt or keep the robe open to capture pics of your beautiful, big tummy.
  3. Bright colored high heels (if they fit your swollen feet), open toe sandals (paint those toe nails) or you can simply capture your bare feet.
  4. Your husband's or partner’s button down shirt. I loved my husband’s white shirts and used those during my pregnancy photo shoots.
  5. Bold earrings - I have these butterfly style earrings that I wore with just my undies and high heels in one of my maternity photo shoots.
  6. Your husband or partner and other kids, of course. My older ones joined in my photo shoot of my youngest and my husband was there for all the shoots. They patted and kissed my tummy and read books too. All captured professionally by my awesome maternity photo shoot photographer.
  7. Bold make-up. I hardly wore make-up during those last weeks of my pregnancy. I was just too tired. But, for my shoot, I hired a make-up artist and had a great time.
  8. A wonderful, trust worthy maternity pregnancy photo shoot boudoir photographer. That’s a given. Make sure to book enough time so you can take breaks during the shoot as needed. It should be fun, relaxed and NOT rushed.


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I had my photoshoots at home. I made sure the awesome maids did extra deep cleaning the day before the shoot, so my home sparkled and we all felt relaxed. 

My maternity pregnancy photo shoots were all about me (and the baby in my tummy)….but mostly me….reminding myself that I’m one heck of a sexy mama, creating priceless memories and having extraordinary experiences.

How about you? Don’t you just love maternity pregnancy photo shoots? What are your essentials?


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