Do you Meditate? 3 Reasons Why Meditation is Good For You

Do you Meditate? 3 Reasons Why Meditation is Good For You

I started meditating during my first year at university. It was a really interesting time for me. Although I had briefly come across meditation before, it wasn't until I started questioning the meaning of my life, that things started to fall in place.


My first semester at university, I partied. HARD! I had been in boarding schools prior to that and had precious little experience with freedom to go clubbing, drinking, skipping classes, etc. So, that's exactly what I did, when I had the chance.


Sitting outside my apartment one 4am, just back from clubbing, I looked up at the sky and felt an overwhelming sense that I was missing something important. That feeling stayed with me and was the catalyst of my search for the meaning of life.


I came across meditation a few weeks after that and it has been my source of power and Divine connection ever since. Yes, that overwhelming sense of missing something important, completely went away.


How about you? Do you meditate? How did you get started?


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What is Meditation?


To me, meditation is simply a way to connect with and access the power that you already are...the REAL you...the you that is eternal and infinite. Some call this REAL YOU the Universe, Goddess, God, Allah, Oya, Inner Being, Buddha, Juju, etc. 


Life sometimes makes you feel small and insignificant, but when you meditate, you realize how hugely important you are. You begin to see that you're the whole Universe itself.


There are many ways to meditate. At the beginning of my meditation journey, I did Tai Chi, sitting meditation (following my breathing) and walking meditation. You can do any of these, regardless of your religious or spiritual inclination. You can also use affirmations, mantras, the rosary, chants, rituals, yoga and many more.


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3 Reasons why Meditation is Powerful & Good For You


1. Mediation helps you become aware of your infinite potential. You may be going through life wondering who you are and why you're here. Or perhaps you just feel restless and adrift in life's ups and downs. Meditation will help connect you with  the true source of your power, which will help you know who you are and why you're here. With this knowledge, you can live your purpose and truly enjoy life.


2. With meditation, you get to release bad stress so that you can be more confident and bold. Bad stress isn't good for you. It affects your health and stops you from living fully. When you meditate daily, your mental and emotional outlook become more positive because you know and accept who you really are. You naturally develop the confidence to live on your terms and pursue your goals with vigor.


3. When you meditate, you become more self aware in a very good way.  Because a lot of people go through life unaware of who they really are, they live in fear and scarcity. When you meditate you become aware of who you are and the infinite abundance of the universe. You stop living in fear, scarcity or victimhood and start living in confidence, abundance and true power. 


Socrates said, "Man know thyself and thou shalt know the universe and the Gods."  Meditation is the powerful tool that you can start using now to realize this vision of knowing who you are. I promise you will not be disappointed.


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