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Portable Personal Water Purifier Straw Filter Emergency Preparedness Wild Outdoor Essentials Camping Hiking Family Outing Drinking Fishing Hunting

Portable Personal Water Purifier Straw Filter Emergency Preparedness Wild Outdoor Essentials Camping Hiking Family Outing Drinking Fishing Hunting

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Portable Personal Water Purifier Straw Filter for Emergency Preparedness Wild Outdoor Camping Hiking Family Outings Drinking Fishing Hunting


1.Under 0-pressure condition outdoors, this water filter straw can filter 1000-liter water which belongs to the surface water of 1-2 categories
2.The filter element is made of hollow fiber filaments, along with 0.01-micron filter precision
3.When you are outdoors, the water may hide the bacteria, microorganisms, impurities, and other objects or the biological pollution, making it dangerous to drink it directly. By using this water straw, you can get rid of most of those problems, gaining a touch of security when drinking
4.The attached rope can help you hold or place this water filter straw according to your need
5.A wonderful helper when you are outdoors
6.This water purification straw is a high-performance portable water purifier, which purifies wastewater into drinking water with super purifying performance. Gives you a hand outdoors
7.Get the safe, clean water and get rid of the bacteria and parasites that cause common diarrhea diseases without requiring water or spare parts. What's more, it uses the new hollow fiber film instead of iodine to improve the water purification efficiency. As it comes without using any chemical medium, there will be no problems or side effects
8.The water filter can directly absorb any dirty surface water, and the quality of effluent is higher than the tap water standards of many developed countries, reaching log7-log8. In addition, it filters 99.9999% of the parasites and bacteria in the water to effectively prevent the occurrence of diarrhea and other infectious diseases
9.The water purification straw can not only provide safe and clean drinking water for victims of earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes or other disasters, but also become a common "defense weapon" for outdoor travel
10.In general, this water purifier can filter 1000 liter water. Plus, it can remove at least 99.9999% water bacteria and at least 99.9% aquatic parasitic protozoa, while about 0.2 microns particulate can be filtered out
11.Under laboratory conditions (more strict than EPA's requirements for turbidity and organic matter), the water filter straw reaches 1,500 liters water purification yield(1.6 times the design life)

Net Weight:75g
Gross Weight:80g
Packaged Size:27x11cm (0.88" x 0.36")
Packaged:Soft Plastic Bag

Average flow:
280 ml/min, start using
280 ml/min, between 10 and 200 liters
250 ml/min, between 200 and 500 liters
170 ml/min, between 500 and 1000 liters
200 ml/min, average flow between 0 and 1000 liters

Antibacterial efficacy:
Under laboratory conditions (EPA 1987 test standard for microbial water purifiers), the test results showed that the water purifier meets the requirements of EPA for bacterial removal of LRV6 (99.9999%) and parasitic protozoa removal of LRV3 (99.9%)

Under laboratory conditions, turbidity decreased by an average of 99.6%.
The turbidity of inflow water:104 NTU
The turbidity of effluent:0.4 NTU

1.please allow 1-3 cm/ 0.39-1.18 inch difference due to manual measurement and 3-5 g/ 0.007-0.01lb/ 0.11-0.18oz for the difference between different colors
2.due to the screen difference, the color may be a little different from what you expect, please allow it

Packaged include:
1 x water filter straw with rope


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