Money Hearts Me

Money Hearts Me -  the Last Money Manifesting Course you’ll EVER Need.




Want to know the secrets to manifesting money abundance in your life, consistently?


Discover how, in our online Money Manifesting course …”Money Hearts Me”


This life changing course will show you exactly how to:



Quickly train yourself into money abundance frequency


Dismantle constructs of money disrespect


Seduce money to heart you


Manifest money consistently



Not by working hard and overthinking, but by making yourself highly attractive and irresistible to money abundance



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Picture with words:


What Makes “Money Hearts Me" Manifesting Course So Unique?


Well, have you ever noticed how your money manifesting is never consistent? How it seems to only work sometimes and not at others, no matter how much you try?


Have you noticed how you can manifest small amounts here and there, but never the big amount when you really need it?


Or how, you ca easily manifest other things (like love, health, sexy body), but the money you want, just doesn’t manifest?


It’s so frustrating and discouraging when you struggle to manifest money over and over?


And it’s not like you’re not doing all the things the gurus told you to do..






  • Are clear on how much money you want to manifest
  • Journal & think about your money everyday
  • Created an exciting and fun vision board that makes you so happy
  • Are constantly healing your inner child and removing your money blocks
  • Have alchemized your shadows



But, all this does is bring up more blocks for you to remove and more shadows to alchemize, leaving you deeply frustrated and still struggling with money issues.



Until NOW!



Money Hearts Me Course is NOT about  working hard, alchemizing shadow blocks or forcing your money desires to manifest and MORE ABOUT you becoming attractive to money and stepping into your Wealth Avatar, so that money actually flows into your reality with ease.




With our Money Hearts Me Course, you will:



  • Finally STOP your pattern of money struggles (no shadow work needed)


  • AMPLIFY your money attractiveness


* ACTIVATE your Money Respect & Become Money’s Bestie


  • Consistently MAGNETIZE the money you desire



Here are a FEW things I’ve Been Able to Do, by Applying the SECRETS Revealed in the Money Hearts Me course:



  1. Travel extensively in luxury with family and friends
  2. Stay in top hotels and penthouse suites
  3. Stay in luxurious villas
  4. Drive luxury cars bought cash
  5. Charter luxury yachts
  6. Own 7 figure homes




Answer Me This:




  • Do you want to know what it’s like to consistently manifest money with ease?


  • Do you love the idea of having a simple but effective system for calling in money, that delivers results?


  • Are you ready to take your money manifesting to the next level?

Money Hearts Me is the perfect money manifesting course for you



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So, what Results Can YOU Expect From Money Hearts Me course?



Here are some examples of results from real clients who used the methods revealed in the Money Heart Me course



Example 1


Example 2


Example 3



Money Hearts Me isn’t just another money manifesting course. It’s a new way of BEING, one that enables you to become one with your Wealth Avatar, so that you no longer have to struggle ad chase after money, but instead inspires money to flow to you, with ease.




Imagine If You Could:



  • Let go of your money struggles and financial frustrations


  • Have a system for consistently manifesting money


  • Finally be able to magnetize the money and success you desire, so you can live the life you want



What would that look like?


What would that feel like?




Money Hearts Me could be for you!





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Example 1

Example 2


Example 3


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Course Schedule (with optional 1:1 sessions purchase)



6 Weekly LIVE Modules (60 -90 minutes including Q & A) via Zoom


Weekly Money Manifesting Practices


Private Group (NOT on FB) to harness the power of group energy and experience


Videos, Audios and Transcripts  inside the private community


Divine Coupling Heart Activation Music by Dylan Osiris


Money Ritual


Lifetime Access




Begins Tuesday April 5  2022 - Tuesday May 10 2022



$1997 Sale @ Early enrollment = $997 Ends March 24


$1997 Sale @ Mid enrollment = $1497 Starts March 25


$ 1997 Sale @ Last enrollment = $1997 Start April 3rd



Payment Plan


Early bird payment plan: 3 Payments Every 2 weeks @ $399 ( taken 3 times)


Mid enrollment Payment Plan: 3 Payments every 2 weeks @ $532.33 (taken 3 times)


Last enrollment Payment Plan: 3 Payments every 2 weeks @ 732.33 (taken 3 times)




Course PLUS 4, 45 Minute 1:1 sessions with me to be completed during the course period

Course and 4 sessions:


Early bird: $4,997


Mid enrollment: $5497


Last Minute enrollment: $5997



No payment plans for 1:1 sessions.