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PESHENI means “We Are Well.” 


As a spiritual person, you can only be truly well when your body, mind, heart and Spirit are in balance. This balance allows you to express the powerful, magnificent being that you are, without fear, but with confidence and strength, living life fully, the way you choose to.


When your life is in balance and you are thriving, you in turn can help ELEVATE the consciousness of those around you and of the world. When you thrive, you can serve the world from your place of OVERFLOW.


 But, in order for you to thrive, you need a safe space where you can learn, grow, inspire, be inspired, recharge and dive even deeper into who you are as Great Juju in physical expression. A place where you can shop, learn, connect with like minded spiritual peeps and help build a community that inspires you to LIVE YOUR SPIRIT every day!


At PESHENI, we’re on a conscious mission to serve you with meaningful Products, transformational Services, Courses, Events/Activities and a Community designed to deeply nurture your body, mind, heart and Spirit, so that you can KNOW who you really are, uncover your life’s PURPOSE, make your IMPACT on the world and LIVE the LIFE of YOUR DREAMS, every day,


We’re honored to be a part of your incredible life’s journey!





We offer a variety of products from baby clothes to bracelets. Some products ship from the US and others from overseas. Be sure to read our shipping policies as some of our overseas products may take a few weeks to get to you. When you select a product, we tell you about its shipping times.


We also offer curated products that are specifically linked to certain rituals and courses, etc. These are Juju guided products selected by us with Divine guidance and blessed, to activate the essence of your intention for each of the rituals or courses you invest in. The products in this category ship directly from the US.


No matter which product you purchase from us, we offer excellent customer service and our Email and Contact Us form are available for you to reach us with your questions or comments. Plus, when you join our FREE community, you can meet us there and share your PESHENI experiences with us.


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Our rituals are simple, yet very powerful. They are easy for you to implement regardless of your busy schedule. Each ritual includes a video, audio, transcript and a worksheet. 


The rituals we offer you on PESHENI are truly potent. As such, we encourage you to share your experiences and ask questions in our free PESHENI community, as you utilize these rituals to create a new reality for yourself.


We offer a variety of rituals, including those for Love, Forgiveness, Money, Divine connection, Wellness and more.


If you’d like a ritual that we do not yet offer, please let us know in the Contact US section, or in our community.


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At PESHENI, we understand that learning can lead to massive growth, when that learning is supported, nurtured and implemented. As such, we offer courses to help you master your life and become a true reality bender. We offer courses for your body, mind, heart and Spirit and courses to help you LIVE YOUR SPIRIT. And we’ll add more courses as we go along.


We offer live courses, recorded courses and group courses. Our courses include videos, audio, transcripts and workbooks.


To support you as you go through our courses and to help you understand and implement lessons learned, we offer private spaces (for course students only) within our FREE community, where you can share your learnings, experiences, ask questions, receive support and be inspired to thrive in your life and make your fabulous impact on the world. 


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SERVICES: Coming soon.





PESHENNI offers live Events online and offline to further bring our community together to learn and grow. We get to meet each other on video/audio or in person live, where we can connect, develop and strengthen friendships. 


Our Events include Speakers, Rituals/Meditations, Blessing and more


At our events, we assimilate even more of what we learn and the energy of our presence skyrockets our individual and community intentions to bring them into our physical experience.


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Spiritual people on a conscious mission to ELEVATE their lives and the world, need sacred space for their own growth, away from the noise, where they can safely be themselves, recharge and then dive back into the chaos of life, with potency.


As a spiritual person, you need a community where you can hangout, refresh, inspire, be inspired and recharge...a place where you can learn, teach, grow, and energize, for your betterment and your upliftment of the world.


That’s why we created the beautiful and free PESHENI community. We provided a sacred safe space for you to be vulnerable, fall apart without judgment and rebuild yourself again, block by block and arise more powerfully than ever before.


We need you, to build and grow our PESHENI community, to learn and grow together, thrive and better our lives together, ELEVATE the world together and LIVE YOUR SPIRIT each and every day with joy, together.


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Thank you!

We are honored to be a part of your incredible life and blessed to have you in ours.


With love and LIVE YOUR SPIRIT!


The PESHENI team.