❤️ Love Rituals ❤️

You are about to receive the most potent set of highest LOVE Rituals with deep process guidance, downloaded from the 7th Plane of COSMIC LOVE.


The MAIN OUTCOME of these LOVE frequency Rituals is to align you with the wonderful LIFE PARTNER that you desire and deserve, so that you can meet each other and begin your love story TOGETHER.


When I called in my wonderful life partner (we’ve been happily married for 22 years and counting), I merged into the highest COSMIC LOVE frequencies, which I’ll teach you to do in these LOVE Rituals and process over the next 90 days.


I met my man exactly 30 days after I started and so I expect that 90 days would be just right for you.


If for some reason, you do not meet your fabulous partner within 90 days, do NOT despair. You’re very close and by continuing on the step by step process revealed to you in this package, you will align.


We have private space in our community, for those of you who purchase these potent LOVE Rituals, where you can receive further support and guidance.


You are a POWERFUL BEING, Great Juju in physical expression and NOTHING, I mean NOTHING, can stop you from meeting and loving the man or woman of your dreams and being deeply loved by them.





  1. THREE ( 3 ),  7th Plane of Cosmic Love Rituals


  • The SACRIFICE Ritual - this is a MUST ritual. Before you can receive, a sacrifice must be offered first. The sacrifice that this ritual and process help you offer, is the cutting of cords and releasing of much needed trapped, energy. Within past lovers, past experiences, past locations are powerful trapped energies swirling, making you repeat the same mistakes over and over. Energies that make you blame yourself and others or even circumstances, for the pain you suffered in the relationships past. You must lay these at the altar as sacrifice. Release and free yourself from the patterns that hold you powerless and keep you away from the man or woman who is truly your match in this world.


  • The REDEEMER Ritual - This is also a MUST ritual. Once you have made your sacrifice, you can redeem the potency of your energy from the God and Goddess of LOVE. You can enter the temple of LOVE and allow yourself to be showered with the highest frequencies of the beautiful loving relationship that you desire. This is you, arising from the depths of your sacrifice, freeing yourself even further from the lie that you do not deserve the love you seek or that you were born to walk alone. When you do this ritual, expect your body to “sing” with the energies of LOVE and your heart to blossom and open for the receiving of adoration.
  • The HARVEST Ritual - When you have sacrificed and redeemed, you meet a new dawn - the dawn of the harvest. This ritual is supercharged with the highest levels of Divine frequency love and designed to call your man or woman into your presence. This is an INTENSELY potent ritual that gets you RESULTS, if you have sacrificed yourself, redeemed your vigor and ripened for the harvest.



2. RECORDED Videos, Audios, Transcripts &  Workbooks


  • In each video, I introduce and walk you step by step through each potent LOVE ritual, guiding you into the depths of your power, helping you reach into the frequency that aligns you with your desired man or woman. There are instructions as to when to do each ritual, each exercise, each prompt and how to use the tools provided. 


  • Each video comes with audio and transcripts to give you all possible ways to learn and implement. To have the rituals is one thing, but you must follow them exactly as given, so that you can experience the outcome you seek..


  • The workbooks are detailed and include daily prompts. Yes, there is “work”  (& play) to be experienced over the next 90 days.



3. BESPOKE Divine Coupling Track


  • This sublime, mixed tempo track was especially curated for your resonance with the Cosmic BELOVED, by Dylan Osiris. Dylan embodies New Earth frequency and channels powerful rhythmic melodies that guide listeners to the new reality they’re creating. This one of a kind beat ( no one else has this music and it’s copyrighted.) was created with LOVE CODES that feed your cells and open the lotus of your heart center, with the vibrations that make your aura shine with love magnetism. While immersed in this track, you will be transported into the reality where you and your beloved are together.





  • This powerful visualization is designed to expressly reveal to you the areas of your love journey where you are locking yourself from the loving relationship you desire. It will bring up resentment towards past loves (if you're holding this) and more, that need to be sacrificed and clearly show you circumstances in which your energies are trapped. You will see them and free them. This visualization comes in video, audio and transcript formats.




  • You will receive directions on how to incorporate this one of a kind rhythm into your journey of meeting your AMAZING life partner.



5. The ELEMENTAL Tools


*. The sacred Wand:  I personally made this beautiful turkey feather  leather wand with materials that together with my Great Juju,  blessed and charged with love frequencies. I spoke with the turkey elemental and asked for her help in your journey to receiving the love you seek.


  • The Sacred Pesheni AFFIRM Beads & Afirrmations:  I also personally made each of these beautiful and highly energetic Pesheni AFFRIM beads. Of course, they are cleansed and infused with the vibration of love and blessed by the elementals of the stones used to make them. I provide powerful sacred affirmations to be used with these beads.


  • The Sacred ANCHOR Rose Quartz: These small but beautiful rose quartz crystals are coded with Love anchoring vibes, thanks to the elements that “reside” in them. These anchor crystals will imprint cellular LOVE memory. I give instructions on how to use these crystals, in the workbook.


  • You will receive instructions one how to best use these ELEMENTAL tools to speed up your LOVE match outcome, in the workbook provided with your purchase.



7. Pesheni PRIVATE Community Space


  • While we have a free Pesheni community, we also have private space (for those who purchase this LOVE Ritual package), for you to share your thoughts, experiences as you go through this journey. All videos, audios, transcripts and workbooks will also be added here.


  • NOTE: Our community is NOT on Facebook.



6. MEMBERS ONLY Once a Month Live Group Q & A  (Optional purchase)


  • When you purchase this LOVE Ritual package AND add the group Q & A option, you’ll join me in monthly Q & A sessions. Bring your questions and get guidance each month directly from me. Come every month or just once in a while. All sessions are recorded and made available in a private members only section (NOT on Facebook), for members who ADD this option to their purchase.





* DOWNLOADABLE MATERIALS: All videos, audios, transcripts & workbooks, will have links sent to the email you use for this purchase and you will be able to download them. Videos are hosted unlisted on Youtube and also added to a separate PRIVATE area within our Community space.


    • PHYSICAL TOOLS: Your ELEMENTAL tools (Sacred wand, Sacred Pesheni AFFRIM Beads and Sacred ANCHOR Rose Quartz), will be shipped to you FREE, if within the continental US. If outside the US, shipping charges may apply. A confirmation notification with tracking will be emailed. You will not need to use your tools the first 7 days, but you’ll be able to start on your workbook.
    • MEMBERSHIPS: You’ll receive invites to the private community section via email, so make sure you provide an email that you check often. 
  • Optional Purchase GROUP Q & A: An email with the dates/times and link to join the calls will be sent to you. This is for those who purchase the  OPTIONAL Q&A.





* Are you ready for the LOVE you desire and seek?

* Are you committed to the process that leads you to each other?

* What would your life look and feel like, with the man or woman Divinely ordained to be yours, in it?


If you know it’s time to harvest and you resonate with the guidance of this Love Ritual Package, then follow through.


Purchase now.


We’re so excited for you and hope you will share your soon to be pictures of you and your loving partner, with us.


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Optional Purchase: Monthly Q & A ( 60 - 90 minutes ) price:  $497 @ $297



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