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2L Water Ionizer Hydrogen Rich Water Micro Electrolysis Machine Water filter Drink Hydrogen Water Generator

2L Water Ionizer Hydrogen Rich Water Micro Electrolysis Machine Water filter Drink Hydrogen Water Generator

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About this item
  • ★ High Borosilicate Glass,Lead-free, transparent, safe, healthy.Wire drawing stainless steel fuselage,Fashion fuselage, easy to clean, wear-resistant
  • ★V8 negative ion water function to create 10 million negative ions, and can effectively remove the air PM2.5, soot
  • ★Nano titanium,platinum electrolyte,Import SPE ion membrane,High concentration of hydrogen
  • ★Professional digital Touch control LED display panel, touch sensitive,Nano-grade Titanium platinum materials with long service life, high hydrogen concentration, no worries, no ozone characteristics
  • ★PTC Heating technology, intelligent thermostat 36 degrees Celsius, suitable for human body temperature,Drinking rich water can reduce blood lipids, improve sleep, purify the blood, 2L large capacity to meet the needs of the whole family

  • Adopted New SPE and PEM Technology: With the latest platinum-coated titanium (SPE) electrolytic plate and long-life proton membrane (PEM),the hydrogen water machine can efficiently electrolyze the water into H+ and OH-,does not generate residual chlorine and ozone and work with all kinds of water.It can promote the stable combination of hydrogen and water, which has the characteristics of high hydrogen concentration and good stability.

  • 2L Capacity: Large capacity can meet the needs of your family,It can generate 10 million negative ions which will removing PM2.5 and smoke, ensure the water clean and safety; you can observe the process of hydrogen production through the transparent glass body and stainless steel body is more textured, more wear-resistant.

  • Touch Screen & LED Display: Professional digital touch screen control with high sensitivity; the big intelligent LED display panel, allow you to observe temperature and time of the water easily.Note:Do not press the heating or cleaning button on the top first. If you press the two buttons on the top first, the display will not work. You should press either of the two hydrogen production keys on the bottom first.

  • Intelligent Cleaning System: The built-in purification filter element, the mineral filter element can absorb impurities and remove residual chlorine well. It has four independent functions, with intelligent cleaning function, constant temperature heating function, negative ion function, hydrogen-rich magnetization function.

  • Enjoy Healthy Life: With this hydrogen water generator raises the concentration levels of molecular hydrogen in water for easy digestibility and immediate penetration in cells, which encourages overall health benefits, control free radical damage, improve blood circulation, it helps improve sleep quality, fight off inflammation and improves your skin’s health in a natural manner.


1. Install drinking water: first fill mineral water, plug in the power plug after filling the water

2. Ion oxygen-enriching function: Touch the "ion-rich oxygen" button, the system enters the negative ion state. If you touch the "ion-rich oxygen" button again, the system exits the negative ion state.

3. Constant temperature heating function: Press the constant temperature heating key, the display shows the real-time temperature of the current water, and start the automatic intelligent constant temperature to 35 ± 5 ℃, and automatically shut down after 1 hour without operation.

4. Intelligent cleaning function: Press the intelligent cleaning button, the blue and green lights flash, and the system will automatically shut down after the intelligent cleaning is completed.

5. Hydrogen-rich magnetization function: Touch the "Hydrogen-rich magnetization" key to enter the low-water-making state of hydrogen-rich water, and touch the "Hydrogen-rich magnetization" key again to enter the system of hydrogen-rich water to make water. "Hydrogen-rich magnetization" button, the system enters the state of hydrogen-rich water deep water production. If you touch the "hydrogen-rich magnetization" button again, the system stops the hydrogen-rich water production state

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