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Alkaline water ionizer/kangen ionizer/hydrogen water/ORP water(JapanTech Taiwan factory) with built-in NSF filter+pH strip(1box)

Alkaline water ionizer/kangen ionizer/hydrogen water/ORP water(JapanTech Taiwan factory) with built-in NSF filter+pH strip(1box)

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Water makes up 70% of our body, thus it has a direct correlation with our health. Water that we

drink moves around our body without ever resting. Consequently, our health depends heavily on how

well the water we drink carries out its function in our body until it is released from the body.


Good water literally changes our physical constitution

"Each cell of our body consists of 90% water and our cells are floating in water based body fluids.

The water in our body fluids transports nutrients, transmits information and moves our muscles.

Water may be the single most important element of our health. Therefore, drinking good, healthy

water will have a tremendous impact on each body cell.




Good water is rich in minerals. Its molecular shape is hexagonal. it is alkaline water that has a

good amount of energy and eliminates active oxygen.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared, "80% of diseases that currently exist on earth have

a correlation with water." Therefore, good health starts with drinking good water.


A wise choice for health & well-being. 



Mineral Alkaline Water contains small water molecule clusters of 55Hz ~ 50Hz, making it taste smooth when you drink it. The smaller the cluster size, the finer the molecule structure. Therefore, it has a higher activity level to dissolve and expel stored up acidic wastes out of our body.



ORP becomes greater as it goes down the level to -mV. Regular water has +300mV ~ +500mV. In contrast, Mineral Alkaline Water has an ORP of -150mV ~ -500mV, therefore transforming our acidic body into an alkaline one.

ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)

ORP is the tendency of a molecule (water in this instance) to acquire electrons and thereby be reduced.




Active Oxygen that is produced in the body damages our genes and cells which causes aging and various diseases. However, drinking Mineral Alkaline Water that is rich in active hydrogen will neutralize the active oxygen in our body and turn it into safe and harmless water to be expelled.




Mildly alkaline water (pH 8-10) is marketed as healthy drinking water.It is produced from water ionizers via electrolysis.

Alkaline water containing molecular hydrogen is produced at the negative electrode (cathode).There are many names 

given to this water including: alkaline water, ionized water, alkali ion water, cathodic water,  electrolyzed reduced water, 

and many more.


Electrolyzed reduced water (ERW) is the most common term in the scientific literature.1 It is called “electrolyzed” because 

the water has undergone electrolysis and is called “reduced” because the water at the cathode has been reduced to hydrogen 

gas and hydroxides. This alkaline water has reductive characteristics due to the presence of dissolved hydrogen gas.





ERW for drinking purposes has a pH between 8-10 and a negative oxidation-reduction potential between -100 mV to 

-700 mV.  It contains dissolved molecular hydrogen gas (responsible for the –ORP) and low dissolved molecular 

oxygen gas.





Studies on ERW began in the 1930’s in Japan1 and in 1965, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare approved 

ERW as a medical substance with potential to improve gastrointestinal symptoms(Read the details about this here). Over 

the ensuing decades, anecdotal and scientific evidence accumulated substantiating many other benefits of ERW1 such as; 

protecting DNA from radical damage,increasing glucose uptake,improving diabetes,preventing premature cell death,offering

liver protection, preventing lipid oxidation,and others.


How could the water ionizer produce such a good water? 


here is the working principle of the model you choose:



Why choose it?

this model with the following advantages:


1)Large 7-color LCD displays pH, ORP, filter life time etc.
2)126 level Fine tuning of pH
3)3 PCS of pure Japanese titanium electrode
4)NSF certified builti-in carbon filter
5)Over-current protection
6)Automatic cleaning
7)LED filter replacement indicator
8)pH: 5-10 (Reference value, differ from different water quality)

9)ORP: -550(MAX) 
(Reference value only, final data depend on the source water quality)
10)Certification: CE, NSF


how could we know drink alkaline water correctly?




this ionizer works with international municipal tap water only, does not work on Source Water with TDS under 70ppm,no more than 200ppm also; machine canot work with underground well water;


Products data:


Filter material

High-quality carbon filter

Electrodes material

Japanese titanium platinum electrolysis chamber and ceramic membrane  (Baked in Taiwan)

Display content ( 7-color LCD display)

Alkaline water, purified water, acidic water, cleansing, filter longevity (figure), water-flowing volume, water process, PH, ORP, electrolysis indication and electrolysis stages

Electrolysis levels

Four levels alkaline water, one level purified water and two levels acid water

PH value

3 Plates (PH 5-10)  (Reference value only, final data depend on the source water quality)

PH subtle adjustment

126 levels fine tuning of PH value

Filter longevity

6000L. 3000L-12000L changeable setting volume for different water qualities

ORP value

3 Plates -450mv (MAX)  (Reference value only, final data depend on the source water quality)

Rated voltage

AC220V 50/60HZ (110V Specially ordered)

Consuming power

Max 180W for 3 Plates ; 2.5 W in standby

Input water pressure

0.9-5.0Kg/ cm 2

Size and weight

About H310mm×W220mm×D125mm     about 5.0Kg

Electrodes cleansing

Automatic reverse cleaning. Changeable cleansing setting  from 30 to 90 L according to different water qualities


Products Details:




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