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Love & Healing Activation Affirm Beads

Love & Healing Activation Affirm Beads

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Handmade to order, these GORGEOUS Love & Healing Activation Affirm Beads are designed to help you activate love that you desire for yourself, a specific person & to attract an amazing lasting love partner. They also help you with healing, boost your energy and give you strength during challenges. These Affirm Beads are carefully handcrafted using only the best materials.


Made with Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Rosewood and natural silk thread.

* Rose Quartz  (10mm) is known as the LOVE bringer & amplifying 

* Amethyst  (10mm) is known for enhancing intuition, healing & boosting energy.

* Rosewood  (12mm) is known as a powerful heart activator & gives you inner strength

* The natural SILK thread promotes luxury and is great for the environment .


NOTE: I cleanse, bless & activate these beads for your highest good. I also commune with the elementals within the rose quartz, amethyst & rosewood and specially request they help you to accomplish your intention & manifest your desire.


Purchase these Affirm beads if you:

* Want to attract the love of your life or a specific person

* Activate more self love within you

* Express more love for others and the world

* Attract something else that you love

* Activate healing within you

* Want to stay strong in the midst of challenges

* Just love the color or the beads

* Feel called to buy them

❤️ We include a sample affirmation for attracting love, with this order. ❤️

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Minerva A.
Love them!

So far I have seen more interest toward me from my SP and a slight change in his behavior. I’m loving this and makes my heart happy. Thank you.


I just received my beads today and I can feel how special they are. They are heavy and beautiful and I know they will help me manifest the love of my SP. Thank you for all the kindness and selflessness from Fri. Many blessings.

Jessica Kam
Powerful and Potent

I have had my beads for a month now and their weight and energy have been fantastic for helping me anchor into the state of nonchalance that I need for my manifestations. I feel so at peace whenever I hold or wear them. As soon as I got them, I knew there really was something special about them, as their energy was intense and hit my senses immediately.